Day tour in Klaipeda /Memel

Day tour in Klaipeda /Memel (2 hours)

Meeting point: Cruise Ship Terminal or another initially agreed upon place.

Two hour-long tour.


The tour starts at the Cruise Ship Terminal located on the outskirts of Klaipeda Old Town. You will spend two hours learning about the history of the oldest city in Lithuania, visit local attractions and get to know the only Lithuanian seaport previously called Memel.

After crossing the Chain Bridge (Swing Bridge) guarded by the castle ghost, you will be leaving the port territory. Next, we will head to the Theatre Square where you will be greeted by the famous Annie of Tharau. Klaipeda Old Town is home to many entertaining and mysterious sculptures, including the Magic Mouse, Chimney-Sweep, Dragon and others. All these sculptures have a story behind their existence.

You will also see the Klaipeda City Hall which was once home to the King of Prussia Frederick William III and his wife Louise, and visit the city symbol – the Meridian sailing ship. During the tour, you will hear about the most famous Klaipeda citizens who once lived, created and loved in this city.

Walking tour.

We are open to bookings.