Why the Baltic states?

Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia

Soak in the beauty of the Baltic coast as never before

Ideal climate

Baltic climate in the summer months is ideal for cycling.

Breath-taking scenery

All three Baltic States are home to a unique natural ecosystem. A large portion of the territory
has never been touched by human hands. Peace, tranquillity and natural beauty guarantees you
utmost relaxation. It is a perfect trip for recharging your batteries.

A route for your mind, body and soul

We know the best cycle tracks far away from the noisy streets and busy roads. All you will have
to do is enjoy a ride of your lifetime without feeling the daily need to rush. We pay special
attention to selecting the best places for your overnight stays, too.

Exceptional cuisine

If it is your first time travelling the Baltics, you will soon learn that each and every one of the
three states is unique. For instance, there is very little similarity among their local traditional

The centre of Europe

The Baltic States are in the very heart of Europe. They can be described as a green paradise
between the East and the West, the North and the South. Getting there is also by far less
complicated than you might think. All it takes is a short trip by ferry from Kylie to Klaipeda, or a
quick flight to Kaunas, Vilnius or Palanga.

Several handy facts:


  • Average air temperature in the summer season – from 17° C to around 20° C.
  • The Baltic coast and the Curonian Spit enjoy the largest number of sunny days per year – approx 1 860. A fresh beaside breeze will keep you cool and be a great companion throughout the entire
  • Approx. 1/3 of the territory in Lithuania and almost a half of Latvia and Estonia are covered by forests.
  • The Baltic States are home to more than 35 000 rivers and streams, and more than 4000 lakes.
  • There are more than 12500 rivers stretching for almost 24000 miles, and 2256 lakes larger than 2,5 acres, which jointly occupy more than 620 sq. miles.  
  • The Baltics boast more than 2000 various local farms many of which provide tourists with short-stay accommodation services and the chance to taste local delicacies.
  • During all tours, we make regular stops for a rest and a chance to get familiar with the local landmarks and treasures, such as amber, known as the Baltic “gold”. We allocate sufficient time for sightseeing.